Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Torn Pantyhose Ass Punishment - Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne is a bit upset after being told to leave and can't find her things  I pull her down across my knees and start to squeeze and perv out on Cheyenne's perfect fit ass. I start to spank her like a naughty slut as she winces in pain.  I grab a fistful of her hair and shake her head around under my control.    Her pantyhose are starting to get warm around her pussy so I rip them giving me access to Cheyenne Jewel's tight wet pussy.  The "hidden camera"  I use to capture her facial expressions is discovered so I use it as a POV to get good pussy and ass shots while I continue to punish and fingerbang Cheyenne.  The mixture of pleasure and pain prove to be too great so Cheyenne orgasms and cums hard.  She still can't find her things, but I call Uber and kick her ass out anyways.


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