Monday, January 12, 2015

Spanking Nicole Foxx , The Blindfolded Waitress

(Sometimes my posts will be in the 3rd person because that is just how the script or fantasy went....for any future readers, Kyle = I )

Kyle is in between business meetings and stops by his favorite cafe. Nicole Foxx walks in as a waitress wearing nothing but an apron and purple set of high heels. Clearly the order is not to Kyle's liking so he decides to punish Nicole. Nicole is bent over the table, hips arched as her angry patron unleashes spanks on her bare ass. Kyle pulls out a large black leather paddle and delivers countless spanks and pinking his waitresses ass cheeks. Nicole is blindfolded during most of the ordeal but the fear is seen all over her face. Kyle pulls out a flogger and lashes out more punishment across the bottom of Nicole Foxx. Squirming and shrieking during the ordeal, Nicole promises to bring out something different but at this point it is too late and she has no choice other than the leather spanking.



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