Saturday, January 31, 2015

Latina Teen Cuffed and Stuffed in BDSM Sexual Encounter

Layla's boyfriend dropped her off at my place because she told him she was a bikini model shooting for a magazine. That was never the plan and the tight little whore gets fucked hardcore style!
Layla was having a rough year in college and forced to drop out. When looking for some work she responded to an ad that I had posted online. I told her things might get a little wild and kinky but she didn't seem to care. Layla told her boyfriend she was to do some bikini modeling for a magazine. She lied. I pull out the flogger, handcuffs, and ball gag. Layla seems to be getting turned on during the floggings and I can feel her pussy pulsate heat. I don't want her to scream too loud so I tie the ball gag in her mouth and begin fucking her doggy style. Her latina body is perfect for ass smacking and hair pulling. The cuffed and stuffed slut takes every inch of my cock until I can't handle the pressure anymore. I shoot a huge load of cum over Layla's entire body and send her home a sticky mess!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Amiee Cambridge Forces Subby Hubby Into Foot Worship Smothering

Amiee Cambridge walks into the kitchen expecting it to be clean. She gave her husband one job and he failed. Johnny Rifle is ordered to face the angry wife and suffers the consequences! Amiee dominates Johnny with her multi colored socks and forces him to sniff and worship her pretty little feet. He even takes a few good kicks to the face like a good foot bitch!



Allura Skye Swallows a Load

Allura Skye sits in her pink lingerie just waiting to give a good mouth hug. Sloppy dirty talking pornstar blowjob with a sensual feel. Whoever scripted this custom wanted Allura to swallow cum and trace it down into her gut while she shows her pussy. Classy!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mystick Moons Tickled on Boat

Mystick Moons is lounging nude when Nick Nailor surprises her and begins to tickle her. Nick humiliates Mystick by calling her names and ruins her peace and quiet. He lifts and carries her into his boathouse where the tickling continues. Mystick Moons perky tits and bald pussy flail around while she helplessly tries to defend herself. Nick wants his laundry to be finished and demands Mystick finish her job at taking care of him or else.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Destiny Childs Enjoys a Cigar in Black Lingerie

Destiny Childs smokes down a cigar and is a true natural at playing with her smoke.
Destiny explains how much she enjoys each drag. Bratty 19 year old who has a bright future as a professional dominatrix or even a wrestler. That is where I met Destiny. She had my neck squeezed between her powerful legs to the point where I feared my life and thought my spine would snap. Tonight is all about relaxing though. Enjoying a cigar in lingerie like a true woman.



Monday, January 12, 2015

Spanking Nicole Foxx , The Blindfolded Waitress

(Sometimes my posts will be in the 3rd person because that is just how the script or fantasy went....for any future readers, Kyle = I )

Kyle is in between business meetings and stops by his favorite cafe. Nicole Foxx walks in as a waitress wearing nothing but an apron and purple set of high heels. Clearly the order is not to Kyle's liking so he decides to punish Nicole. Nicole is bent over the table, hips arched as her angry patron unleashes spanks on her bare ass. Kyle pulls out a large black leather paddle and delivers countless spanks and pinking his waitresses ass cheeks. Nicole is blindfolded during most of the ordeal but the fear is seen all over her face. Kyle pulls out a flogger and lashes out more punishment across the bottom of Nicole Foxx. Squirming and shrieking during the ordeal, Nicole promises to bring out something different but at this point it is too late and she has no choice other than the leather spanking.



21st Century Fetish Porn

I've been shooting and collecting my own creation of fetish porn for several years. It all started after answering a few ads on the internet. Monetizing normal mainstream products was becoming too mundane especially for the miniscule amounts of money earned. I needed to come up with a different kind of product. I even realized that I may have to be the actual product. Of course packaging together all of the data needed for a smooth fetish film is necessary, but disconnecting from how normal people lived and to create a character able to crawl through the ranks of the web? This was going to take time and conditioning in order to make the right kind of progress. The internet is so full of smut and I have to sell it? If car dealerships were just handing out cars for free, I'm sure car salesmen would have a tough time convincing people to buy their product. Conglomerate porn companies and high end technology on cell phones has saturated the adult industry market. Yet there still is a demand. Collectors find a niche they can't stop obsessing about. Maybe a model tickles a nerve and turns the casual surfer into a deviant fan who can't stop collecting fetish material. The fringe areas of porn become profitable and most every day ends with a smile. Stimulating virtual media, digital demand, eCommerce....21st century fetish porn.

My website is I have links to my paysites as well as the freebies. Enjoy and remember to support your local film producers!