Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Only Fans

Social media is always growing in size and evolving in complexity.  Part of the reason I created this Google blog was for surfers to see and read my fetish works without feeling pressured to buy (although the option is there by following links).
This month I opened up an account over at Only Fans and intend to use it as a spot to post pictures, HD video clips, music, pretty much anything I want. 
It's a really cool concept that alot of online artists have been waiting for as far as being able to push out content to our fans that the general population wouldn't get to see. 
I invite you to check it out!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Interracial Taboo - Catalina Silk

Catalina Silk has been making ends meet as a call girl on the side. She usually sticks with one client a night and robs them blind. Tonight she is going to make an exception and have one more session. To Catalina's surprise, her next client is her father! He has been out gambling and wanted to get a call girl. Catalina gives her daddy a guilt trip before teasing him into what he came for. Catalina Silk sucks her daddy's cock long and deep until its time to get fucked. Catalina screams as her tight pussy is pounded hard by daddy. She gets that big ass of hers smacked and ridden. Catalina fucks her daddy in multiple positions before begging for a huge facial cumshot.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Dry Hump Grinding Blonde College Student

Amanda Adair is a fit college student who wants to try dry hump grinding. She straddles and grinds her pussy against my cock while playing with nipples. She bends down several times to kiss and breathe into my ear as her sensual hip gyration picks up pace. Amanda enjoys having her hair pulled and ass played with as her warm crotch bounces up and down on my boner. Miss Adair can't take the friction for much longer as the erotic dry humping leads her to orgasm.

                                               Full Video Clip Available Here

Friday, January 13, 2017

Hypersexual Stripper Mom Part 2 - Blue Ember

Mother Blue uses her foot to tease and wake me up from my slumber. It's time for her to payup on her arrangement. We fuck violently and passionately on the couch in multiple positions while Mom talks like a filthy whore. The pounding seems to make mother orgasm several times as the sound of her pussy is caught well on camera. Blue demands for a massive cumshot of her son's jizz all over the face and tits. Now her career as a professional whore doesn't seem all too bad.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hypersexual Stripper Mom Part 1 - Blue Ember

Blue Ember breaks the news that she is a stripper. She tries to play it down by giving me a lapdance and grinding me.  We end up on the floor where she licks my cock and wants me to grindfuck. My hypersexual mom and I wrestle nude while making things erotic and hot with ass grinding in different positions and different holds.  Eventually mother stops things before they go too far but promises for more action if things go her way. The next day she is still horny and seductively uses foot play in the kitchen.
Full HD Clip available at

Dakota Charms and Nicole Foxx Foot Tease JOI

Dakota Charms and Nicole Foxx rub their barefeet together and talk about how good it would feel for you to stick your dick in between them. They playfully tease each other and compare your cock to a worm while encouraging you to jerk it off for a massive orgasm.
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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mary Jane Ballgagged and Flogged

Mary Jane is a cute fetish model who came over for a session.
She is ballgagged, and bound at the wrists and ankles by black electrical tape.
Drool forms as she is flogged and tickled.  Her pussy gets puffy and wet so I know she is slightly enjoying being dominated.  Her feet are whipped and hair pulled as the perky tits get pointy.
Mary Jane murmers out whimpers and noises as she desperately tries to reach for cock.
Full HD Clip found here